Flexible network topology

VARAN bus systems can be configured as desired in tree, star and linear structures. Network splitters provide the option to connect the VARAN system with company networks or other Ethernet systems and exchange data accordingly.

Synchronous Multi-manager Structure

With the Multi-Manager structure, high modularity and flexibility with machine and system design are achieved. Several VARAN systems can be cascaded into a complete synchronous network through a higher-level VARAN Manager. Machines can be connected to one another in real time and individual systems coupled and decoupled during active operation. The network segments operate 100% synchronously with a jitter of < 100 ns. The network synchronization is fully automatic.

Hot Plug

Using the Hot Plug feature, individual VARAN Clients can be removed from the network and reconnected or exchanged during active operation. This is implemented through automatic address assignment via the VARAN Manager.

CANopen integration

Existing CANopen® devices can be easily integrated into the real-time Ethernet system VARAN.
The data objects used in CANopen, PDO (Process Data Objects) and SDO (Service Data Objects) are simulated in the VARAN bus system via isochronous and asynchronous data objects. This simplifies the integration according to CiA standards.