Ready to use – quickly and easily

In addition to the performance data, the effort involved in implementing the bus system is an important criterion when selecting a real-time Ethernet bus system.

Since standard components are used, , implementing a client is inexpensive. Essentially, it consists of connectors, a transformer (magnetics), PHY, FPGA and serial Flash. Since all components are available from various producers, manufacture-independence and therewith, future-proofing is guaranteed.

The compactly specified VARAN protocol requires only a few commands. The clients are controlled with simple ReadWrite memory commands. Programming is thereby child’s play.

You decide how

Each company freely decides how to implement VARAN:

The VARAN Bus User Organization (VNO) provides the specifications and documentation required for implementation free of charge.

At SIGMATEK, finished client boards, FPGA implementations and VHDL packages can be acquired. When using the client board, a market-ready sensor with a VARAN bus connection can be completed within a few weeks.

With VARAN bus, various demo and evaluation, as well as manager and client boards are available for selection to help you familiarize yourself with the technology and implement the first client connections.
Efficient tools for monitoring and analysis of the real-time bus system are: the VARAN Analyzer and VARAN Service Tool..

In the Field

Where and how VARAN scores in application can be found in the application reports.