VARAN is solved in hardware

The real-time bus system VARAN operates according to the manager/client principle. In each network, there is a manager that initiates all communication. Whereby packet collisions are avoided.

To the manager, the entire network appears as a 4-GB memory space in which the participant (client) is assigned a virtual memory area. The network can contain up to 65,280 clients. To perfectly utilize existing networks, TCP/IP cross traffic was integrated.

The basic structure VARAN is implemented the same for managers and clients. The VARAN protocol is completely implemented in the hardware FPGA and serial SPI Flash.

The Ethernet physical layer is formed by connectors, transmitters and the Ethernet PHY component.

VARAN Manager: One manager controls everything

VARAN is based on IEEE 802.3 100TX standard Ethernet technology, over which the VARAN security layer lies. This provides the data packets with a checksum and guarantees consistent transmission.

Each data transfer is initiated exclusively by the VARAN Manager and centrally administrated. The manager has multiple areas – separated by priorities: Direct Access (DA), Asynchronous (ASYN), Isochronous (ISO).

All protocol-specific VARAN Manager tasks are processed in the FPGA. This reduces the burden on the control CPU.

The VARAN Manager according to the Layer Concept of the OSI Model