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The LRX series for the automation of injection molding machines is available in seven sizes: From the 5 kg LRX 50 at the lower range, to the LRX 250 and LRX 350 in the middle and the LRX 1000 in the upper range of the payload and clamping force segments. The control cabinet, into which the Z-axis is integrated, is user-friendly as well as space saving to provide the largest possible production space. The possibility for parallel movement on all axes results in short cycle times and flexible removal. An absolute path measuring system enables the robot to detect its exact position at any time. LRX and the stand-alone version LRX-S are equipped with the newest generation of communication solutions: The integrated real-time Ethernet VARAN bus stands out with its high reliability and extremely fast data communication.

The MULTILIFT V SELECT is a servo-electric robot system for complex placing, removal and storage tasks, which ARBURG has developed for use in its plastic injection molding machines. The 3-axis servo amplifier and I/O modules are integrated into the robot system as VARAN clients. The process control as well as the VARAN Master is a part of ARBURG’s SELOGICA machine control. The robot system’s VARAN connection is made using an IP67 Ethernet heavy duty connector suited for industrial use.

The Dutch company, Van Riet Material Handling Systems, has been building product transport and sorting systems for more than 50 years. The new version of the so-called »Shoesorters« – a machine that sorts products on a conveyor belt to the left and right – must have been able to process significantly more pieces than the current generation. In order to reach this goal, a powerful control and a fast bus system was needed. However, cycle times of under a millisecond were required.

The new, optimized sorting machine “Shoesorter” from Van Riet sorts cartons and packages with a speed of up to 3 m/s. With the VARAN bus, the capacity is increased by 80%: from 5,000 to 9,000 pieces per hour.

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Test-Fuchs, one of the leading manufactures of test systems for the aerospace industry, relies on the real-time Ethernet technology VARAN for its high-precision test equipment. With the new modular test stands, hydraulic components from all relevant civilian aircraft on the market can be tested. The innovative MSR system from SIGMATEK is used, which through its modularity is predestined for the most varying tasks in measurement and control technology. It can be equipped with up to 8 base modules, each of which has 8 measuring channels. A flexible configuration is therefore created, with up to 192 digital or 64 analog I/Os.

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