The broad product palette offers the right VARAN components for any job:

Various VARAN Manager and expansion cards, client components such as input/output, motion, sensors and communication. The product spectrum is rounded out with infrastructure components; the perfect connection is therewith guaranteed.

Naturally, kits for development and implementation as well as analysis and service tools are available.


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VARAN Client als Wechselmodul

netJACK ist eine komplette Netzwerkanschaltung als geschlossenes IP 40 Modul. Es basiert auf netX Technologie und kann per Einschubmontage an jedem Punkt der Lieferkette ohneWerkzeug montiert werden. Datenaustausch zum Host erfolgt über PCI Express oder traditionellem Dual-Port-Memory.  Alle führenden Real-Time-Ethernet Protokolle werden als Master oder Slave auf einer einzigen Hardware unterstützt.

VARAN client as Exchangeable Module

netJACK is a complete network interface as closed IP 40 module. It is based on netX technology and can be mounted via slide-in mechanism without tools at any point of the delivery chain. Data exchange to the host is carried out via PCI Express Bus or traditional Dual-Port Memory. All major Real-Time Ethernet protocols are supported as Master or Slave on a single hardware.