The broad product palette offers the right VARAN components for any job:

Various VARAN Manager and expansion cards, client components such as input/output, motion, sensors and communication. The product spectrum is rounded out with infrastructure components; the perfect connection is therewith guaranteed.

Naturally, kits for development and implementation as well as analysis and service tools are available.

VKI 022

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Diese VARAN-KEB-F5-Interfacekarte dient zur Kommunikation zwischen dem F5-Frequenzumrichter der Firma KEB und einer VARAN-Steuerung. Das Modul ver-fügt über eine VARAN-In und eine VARAN-Out Schnittstelle, die den Aufbau von Linienstrukturen ermöglichen.

Datenblatt VKI 022


The VARAN KEB F5 VKI 022 interface is used for the communication between the F5 frequency converter from KEB and a VARAN control. The module has 1 VARAN-In and 1 VARAN-Out interface, which allow the configuration of linear structures.

Data sheet VKI 022