The broad product palette offers the right VARAN components for any job:

Various VARAN Manager and expansion cards, client components such as input/output, motion, sensors and communication. The product spectrum is rounded out with infrastructure components; the perfect connection is therewith guaranteed.

Naturally, kits for development and implementation as well as analysis and service tools are available.

VI 021

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Das S-DIAS Anschaltmodul VI 021 dient zur Spannungsversorgung
und Verbindung dezentraler S-DIAS
Modulgruppen mit einer CPU durch den VARAN-Bus.
Eine Modulgruppe besteht aus einem Anschaltmodul
und bis zu 32 daran angeschlossenen S-DIAS Modulen.
Durch den VARAN-Out Port wird der Aufbau des
VARAN-Busses in einer Linienstruktur ermöglicht.

Datenblatt VI 021

The S-DIAS VI 021 module serves as the power
supply and connection for decentralized S-DIAS
module groups with a CPU over the VARAN bus.
A module group consists of a control module and up
to 32 connected S-DIAS modules.
The VARAN Out port allows the construction of the
VARAN bus in a line structure.

Data sheet VI 021