The broad product palette offers the right VARAN components for any job:

Various VARAN Manager and expansion cards, client components such as input/output, motion, sensors and communication. The product spectrum is rounded out with infrastructure components; the perfect connection is therewith guaranteed.

Naturally, kits for development and implementation as well as analysis and service tools are available.

M12 connector

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Phönix Contact bietet einen M12 Steckverbinder für die Versorgung eines VARAN-Busteilnehmers bis 2 A mittels Hybridkabel. Der 8-polige Stecker/Buchse mit Schutzart IP 67 ist in verschiedenen Anschlussrichtungen verfügbar. Das Hybridkabel ist schleppkettentauglich und speziell für den industriellen Einsatz ausgelegt.

Phoenix Contact offers an M12 connector for the power supply of a VARAN participant up to 2 A using a hybrid cable. The 8-pin plug/socket with IP 67 protection is available with various connector angles. The hybrid cable is suitable for drag chain use and especially designed for industrial applications.