The broad product palette offers the right VARAN components for any job:

Various VARAN Manager and expansion cards, client components such as input/output, motion, sensors and communication. The product spectrum is rounded out with infrastructure components; the perfect connection is therewith guaranteed.

Naturally, kits for development and implementation as well as analysis and service tools are available.

Control Panels HGT

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Mobile Control Panels – Hot Facts
Für eine starke Visualisierung und ein komfortables Bedienen sorgt das Farb-Touchdisplay mit LED-Backlight in Kombination mit unserem all-in-one Engineering Tool LASAL . Peripheriegeräte können über die USB2.0-Schnittstelle angeschlossen werden.
  • Flexibel: mit CPU (EDGE2-Technology Prozessoren) oder HMI Link (CPU-Leistung im Schaltschrank skalierbar)
  • Durchdacht: kompakt mit robustem Schalenkonzept
  • Sicheres Bedienen: dreistufiger Zustimmtaster, Not-Halt-Taster und Schlüsselschalter
  • Leicht und komfortabel: mit rund 1.000 bis 1.300 Gramm und einem ergonomisch designten Griff liegen die Panels gut in der Hand – bei Rechts- und Linkshändern
  • Fit für die digitale Fabrik: alle SIGMATEK HMIs mit Prozessor unterstützen die OPC-UA-Kommunikation
Datenblatt HGT 835
Datenblatt HGT 1035
Datenblatt HGT 1051

Mobile Control Panels – Hot Facts
For strong visualization and comfortable operation directly on site, color touch displays with LED backlight are used in our handheld operating panels. With the all-in-one engineering tool LASAL modern visualizations can be efficiently designed. Peripheral devices can be connected via the USB 2.0 interface.
  • Flexible: with CPU (EDGE2 Technology processors) or HMI Link (CPU performance scalable in the control cabinet)
  • Sophisticated: compact with robust housing concept
  • Safe operation: three-stage confirmation button, emergency stop button and key switch
  • Light and comfortable: with about 1,100 to 1,300 grams and an ergonomically designed grip, the panels fit well in the hand – for right and left handers
  • Fit for the digital factory: all SIGMATEK HMIs with processors support the OPC-UA communication
Data sheet HGT 835
Data sheet HGT 1035
Data sheet HGT 1051